Rail Transport

Since August 2016, the Silk Route is also available for rail transport from China to The Netherlands.
At EMQ Logistics B.V. we noticed the added value of this product and therefore we have taken this mode of transport immediately into our portfolio.
Meanwhile, we provide rail transport from all over China to Europe, for both FCL (Full Container Loads) and LCL (consolidation).
Our main trade lane (FCL and LCL) is from the rail terminal in Chengdu, China to Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Transport of FCL containers by rail is only possible for 40ft and 40ft HC containers or per pair of 20ft containers (2 x 20ft).
As an alternative for sending a single 20ft and for your regular LCL shipments, we offer our own weekly consolidation service with departure every Sunday from Chengdu to Rotterdam.
After arriving in Rotterdam, these consolidation containers are immediately unloaded and distributed within the Netherlands, but also to Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal.
For FCL we currently offer multiple departures a week from Chengdu, China.
The transit time from departure Chengdu up to arrival rail terminal in Tilburg is approx. 15 days.
Another important thing to know is that all containers, which are sent via EMQ Logistics B.V, are equipped with a GPS tracker.
This enables us to track your shipments closely on a day to day bases.
Besides the rail transport to and from Chengdu to Rotterdam/Tilburg and vice versa, we offer rail services to and from other rail terminals in China to and from other rail terminals in Europe.

View the train schedule for April 2024 here

Some characteristics of our rail services:

Cheaper than air and Sea-Air
Faster than sea freight and sea-air from China
Multiple departures per week
Both FCL and LCL capabilities
Buyers consolidation;
Order monitoring
Broad experience in rail freight, both for LCL and FCL

Other services



Guiding and handling of import-, export declarations and other customs formalities is an activity which requires a lot of knowledge and experience.EMQ Logistics B.V. can take care of these procedures, allowing you to keep your focus on your core business.

We provide support for all your customs formalities, both inside and outside the European community.

Transport insurance

EMQ Logistics B.V. always ensures your goods are handled and transported with the utmost care and attention. The risk of damage is, in practice, small, but unfortunately never fully excluded. If you are not insured for any damage or loss, you will only receive a relatively small fee and the value of the goods will be disregarded. The transport insurance via EMQ Logistics B.V. however, is based on the value of the goods and therefore it will limit your financial risk during transportation.


At EMQ Logistics B.V. we understand the important role warehousing plays within your total supply chain.
Therefore we offer different flexible solutions for the storage of your goods under bond as well as for duty paid goods.

Thanks to skilled workers and strict compliance with working procedures, the performance level in our warehouse is of high quality.