Transport insurance

EMQ Logistics B.V. always ensures your goods are handled and transported with the utmost care and attention. The risk of damage is, in practice, small, but unfortunately never fully excluded. If you are not insured for any damage or loss, you will only receive a relatively small fee and the value of the goods will be disregarded. The transport insurance via EMQ Logistics B.V. however, is based on the value of the goods and therefore it will limit your financial risk during transportation.
The transport insurance of EMQ Logistics B.V. compensates for damage to your goods during transport. It does not matter whether you arranged the transport by yourself or whether EMQ Logistics B.V. took care of it on your behalf. All modes of transport can be insured: by land, by ocean, by rail and by air. Ultimately, you decide what you want to insure via EMQ Logistics B.V.
Whether it’s insurance for a single shipment or one-off insurance for a certain period of time.

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